Making Scones

This week we made scones as part of our DT lesson. The children followed the instructions very carefully and we talked about the imperative verbs we could hear as we were reading them. While they were cooking in the oven we thought about how it is believed that the Great Fire of London started in a bakery and how it spread to the other buildings. Finally we got to taste our scones. We added some butter and described what they tasted like.

Our Autumn Walk

This week we have talked about seasons and what a season is. Together we made a bubble map of what facts we already knew about the seasons. We learnt that the year is split into 4 seasons and each has 3 months.

The children knew that there are 4 season—Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We also knew that lots of things change during the different seasons – such as weather and the plants.

We talked about how it is now Autumn. We went for a walk around school looking for and collecting objects that show signs of the seasonal change. We thought about what we notice about the weather? What we notice about the trees and plants? What animals, birds and insects can we see?

Will it sink or float?

This term in Science we have been looking at materials and their properties. This week we completed an experiment in class to see if the materials would sink or float. We thought about each of the properties and predicted whether we thought that it would float or sink. The children thought about some great explanations including I think it will sink because it is heavy.

Clay Figures

Today we made small figurative clay sketches of each other with just fingers and hands. We thought about what our figures were doing. Are they standing, sitting, lying down? We thought back to the sketches we did last week and noticed how each of our figures were unique and wonderfully made.

Continuous Line Drawings

Today in our art lesson we looked at Antony Gormley and his terracotta figures. We then looked at continuous line drawings and had a go at drawing a pose that their friends did. We talked about how they could not take their pencil off the paper and how they had to look for ‘big, strong shapes’. They thought about how the arms, body and legs connect and how they could show this in their drawing. The children all worked so hard and really enjoyed the challenge.

Scrap Shed Fun

This week we have been using the scrap shed materials for our P.E, Science and Maths lessons. We made obstacle courses using the equipment and thought about the different shapes of the materials as we were building. We talked about what material and shape would make a good stepping stone and what shape we would be able to crawl through. The children worked very hard together and showed great resilience when the obstacle course needed fixing.